Side of the Angels
ELLO THERE! :D This is my tumblr. If you are thinking of following me beware. My blog contains copious amounts of ze following: Sherlock... Doctor Who... just starting season 7 of Supernatural!!! ... Merlin... The Walking Dead... Lord of the Rings... The Hobbit... Star Trek... Terminator... Lost... Harry Potter... Hunger Games... Once Upon a Time... The Office (US and UK)... The Last Airbender... Legend of Korra... Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood... Parks and Recreation... How I Met Your Mother... Community... New Girl... Arrested Development... Pushing Daisies... Scrubs... Psych... Lizzie Bennet Diaries... Lie to Me... Raising Hope... Robin Hood... Kyle XY... Star Wars... Inception... Avengers... The Dark Knight... Never Let Me Go...The Fall… EVERYTHING Disney... and beautiful humanbeings such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, Martin Freeman, Michael Biehn, Robert Downey Jr. and many others that I do not have the patience to name :D And there is more but I do not think I have the time nor the patience to list 'em all :D So that is what I shall leave you with. Huzzah.
To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the earth
It’s a brave new world from the last to the first

two sides of the same coin


countdown to mockingjay part one: 98 more days

"I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go."

Famous for its scenery, cinematography, and near complete lack of special effects (almost exclusively used simply to remove bystanders from shots), The Fall was filmed over a period of four years in over twenty countries, including India, Namibia, South Africa, Italy, and Indonesia. One review said, “See it for no other reason than because it exists. There will never be another like it.”


this is never going to not be funny 


This movie is so fun and colorful! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, the music is spot on. And I really like the relationship between Groot and Rocket, he’s like a proud papa raccoon ahahaha 8’))))))


Book to Movie Adaptations + Motivation - part II (part I)

Simple People